The Chase Competition – Free Entry ITV – Win £8000 in Cash – Ends 07/03/13

The Chase competition, free entries are available here from Monday 25th February and are valid to Thursday 7th March 2013.  You and your friends can enter here for free. The prize this week is worth £8,000 in cash.  All you have to do to get free competition entries is, fill out your details by clicking on the Pink button below.

Deadline for your free competition entries will be on Thursday 7th March 2013 at 10 am. 

The Chase free competition question 25th February 2013 ITV

The question & answer for this week’s “The Chase” competition with ITV is;

In which sport would you expect to ‘tee off’?

A. Football

B. Golf

C. Tennis

You should submit answer B: Golf.

All entrants are allowed 3 (three) free website entries by clicking the following pink button or link;

Please note. The ITV website pages is quite slow to load  at busy times. Please be patient. Free entry here involves less time than entering the competition using premium rate phone service to submit your entries… and it’s always free! Each person can save at least £3.09.

There will be a another chance to win a cash prize for free with “The Chase” competition on ITV from Monday 4th March 2013.

Full details and all the latest free entry ITV, STV and UTV competitions will be published here!

Good luck and please share this website with your friends.


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  1. I’ve posted this before but I think each person is allowed to enter 3 times for each telephone number they have access to. So if you’ve 2 phones, you can enter 6 times; 3 phones, 9 times, etc.

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