About Free TV Competitions

I started this website as a way of informing people that many of the competitions that are broadcast on UK television shows are actually free to enter.  Eventually, I intend to help raise money for charity.  This is part of my philosophy. In the case of this site, I aim to provide a free information service to enable my visitors to easily enter competitions that would otherwise be charged a premium rate telephone call or text per entry.

Most of the competitions I feature can save you at least £1 minimum per entry by not using the premium telephone entry. Generally, between 3 and 6 free web entries are allowed per person per competition. It’s like playing lottery for free and these life changing prizes have to be paid out by law.

I report on and provide links to high paying, free to enter competitions that have no entry costs or purchases needed to enter. I’ll find competitions that are free and easy with no catches. I enter the competitions myself and I’ll be the first to tell you all if I win anything.

I provide the ability to enter for free, with the exception of the usual associated costs of the Internet service provider such as the one you are visiting this web-page with!  I do this by supplying direct links to the competition organisers free online entry website. My aim is to raise revenue by placing sponsored links and advertisements within the main web pages and posts.

I am in no way affiliated or in any partnership with the competitions organisers or their associates. I accept no liability if you do not win any prizes. I suggest that you read the terms and conditions for each competition that you enter.

You are by no means obliged to click on any of these sponsored links but there could be some ads that you may find useful to you or your friends.

I draw my inspiration from the regulations laid down by the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom.

A web page and .pdf document outlining our directions is available on the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission’s website as follows;


Please note!
I update this website on regular basis to improve this free and unique service to you. I love your comments and constructive criticism.

I also aim to update this website on a daily basis. This give you plenty of time to enter the competitions and I’ll still display any competitions that may still be valid for free web entries.  Perhaps you would like to see more free web entry competitions? If so , please leave a comment!  Best of luck with your entries and don’t forget to tell your friends.

Martin A Naylor

Free Entry TV Competitions UK