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This Morning competition is broadcast on ITV, STV and UTV every weekday at around 10:30 am from Monday to Friday.

The TV show has been running since 1988 and for many years have offered free entry into their This Morning competitions.

Viewers can win huge cash prizes, cars, cruises, holidays and other high-value prizes.

Since 2015 This Morning and other ITV competitions have ceased offering free website entries submissions. You can enter by using postcard or postal entry to be in with a chance to win.

Usually, a new prize is offered every week and sometimes every fortnight.

This Morning Prize Draw Prizes.

One of the highest prizes offered was a whopping £250,000 in cash in October 2013.

Typical prizes allow entrants to win cash or win cars such as Mercedes and other high-end cars.

Other cars on offer in the past have included Peugeot, Volkswagen, BMW and Mini.

On a few occasions throughout the year, ITV’s This Morning program has offered the chance to win a motor home or win a camper van.

Sometimes the prize gives viewers or web entrants the chance to win a holiday. Occasionally there are chances to win a cruise for a family or 6 people.

Apart from the above-mentioned prizes, This Morning competition also includes a combination of cash and cars or cash and holidays. Often the prize will include a gadget haul of luxury household goods.

These combination prizes include goods such as a top range TV, iPad, smartphone and just about anything you would like to have in your home.

How to get free postal entry to ITV This Morning comps.

Entrants can enter their submissions with a free entry by using postal entry.

The This Morning TV show will allow web entrants unlimited free postal entries per competition or prize draw.

Postal entries are also allowed on other ITV competitions such as;

You can submit your postal entries using the web entry form that is provided for each prize on offer on the corresponding posts available on this website.

It does not matter which UK ITV region you are entering from and you can submit your entries using the web entry form.

This is regardless of your location provided that you are within UK and a resident of United Kingdom.

Who Can Enter?

The minimum age requirement to enter the This Morning competition states that entrants must be aged 18 years or older on the date of the prize draw.

The promoters only allow UK residents to enter including Isle of Man and Channel Islands residents.

Employees and other people or organisations connected to the promotion are also generally excluded from entering the competitions.

You should always read the terms and conditions for any ITV competition or prize draw!

How is The Winner Picked?

All competitions submissions that have been successfully accepted by the promoter will be picked out at random from a pool of free entries or paid entries.

There is no discrimination between paid or free postal entries.

Payment to enter these competitions or prize draws is only an option and will not increase your chances of winning the prizes on offer.

Free entry into the This Morning competition on TV is generally open for free postal entry for about 10 days from the initial broadcast or announcement on the This Morning program.

So good luck with your free postal entries and remember… these prizes must be paid out by law.



127 thoughts on “This Morning Competition”

  1. GD i am a disabled lady i would love to win.. no problem using my emails to send me reply.thank u

  2. Amazing if your luckily enough to be the chosen one…. All we can do is try 🙂

  3. I love this show, watch it as much as possible. I wish I couldenter some competitions.

    I would love to enter the Florida comp on at the moment.

  4. Thanks for the opitunity to play after competition iam getting married next year so it will come in very handy Thank you
    God bless for free entry’s as I can’t afford to pay

  5. Hi l should like to win a Christmas competition cos l have never had a good Christmas at all l had got a new husband and we have not had a great Christmas at all and l would like to have a perfect one it would be so great for us we have been married for just 5 years thank you l would be so happy

  6. My daughter is getting married August 2018 . Would love to give her the wedding she wants . Win please.

  7. Always enjoy This Morning it’s very interesting what they cover everyday, and it can be heart breaking at times, with also fun days etc…….

    First time entering a competition…….you never know……someone has to win.

  8. Would love to win any of the competition’s relay need something good to happen

  9. I’ve been entering these competitions for such a long time I would love to be a winner and I’d love to be able to come on this morning and say that I was a winner my family don’t believe that anybody actually win this competitions and I would love to prove them wrong

  10. Would love to win, so I can to get my teeth sorted out, so I can start going out again, and to help my kids out.

  11. Would love to win.this competition.I watch Phil and holly on this morning every day if I can.

  12. Really tough year, money and health problems. Hopefully have turned a corner and back to entering competitions, would love to win anything!

  13. Camper caravan
    Tried to enter on text but bounced back. My fifteen year old autistic son has bee. I’ll in bed for 2 years !! So horrific . We are dying to get him out of the house he used to love caravans.. so to win this may help him

  14. Please enter me into all this morning competitions as I watch every morning and would love to a. prize a holiday home in Malta has Always been. My dream.

  15. i watch this morning most days love the show , a win for me would let me help grandchildren .

  16. I do the competition every day but I’m never that lucky to win one of your wonderful prizes for my family

  17. I have never won anything before and would love to win your prize thank you

  18. I would love to surprise my wife if I won as she has always wanted to go on camper van hols. With us both working we could enjoy our weekends a lot more .

  19. I am disabled lady with spina bifida and .
    Lots my leg after 50 operations and have always tried to enter the
    Make over completion I think
    I have never seen a disabled person in a wheel chair have a mackover

  20. this would get ally debt sorted as I am about to lose my hone. and also I could take my family to visit my brother in the gold coast as we never get to see him or his family. Xxx thank you.

  21. could do with a holiday and some cash after spending the last two years in hospital

  22. On your page it asks for mobile number for winner to be contacted,what about people who still only use land lines?

  23. I would like to submit an entry to This Mornings competition. Winning one of the prizes would be amazing and potentially life changing for my family. I have brought my 2 young girls (10&13) up single handedly for 10 years now and I’m just holding out for a bit of good luck and a real treat. I have had a broken foot for 9 weeks and the girls have had to step into mum mode and really support me for a change.

  24. Love to win as i have17 grand children and 2 great grandchildren and am a pensioner love love Philip and Holly And This Morning LoveTo Win

  25. Me and my partner have been through an extremely rough and upsetting year and have lost our kids and I myself am suffering from depression over it 🙁 !
    It would be really great to win some money to help with our debts and everythj g to help make life a bit easier again !

    Thanks ,

    Rebecca hendry


  26. My favourite morning show, How wonderful is this competition. Would love to win this after the year we have had! ☺

  27. Would to win any compatition just to get passport and win a hoilday my husband need a long rest

  28. how do they let potential winners know if they have won –

    if it is by phone could it be a withheld no or some rand
    om no

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