This Morning Competition

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This Morning competition is broadcast on ITV, STV and UTV every weekday at around 10:30 am from Monday to Friday.

The TV show has been running since 1988 and for many years have offered free entry into their This Morning competitions.

Viewers can win huge cash prizes, cars, cruises, holidays and other high value prizes.

Since 2015 This Morning and other ITV competitions have ceased offering free website entries submissions. You can enter by using postcard or postal entry to be in with a chance to win.

Usually a new prize is offered every week and sometimes every fortnight.

This Morning Prize Draw Prizes.

One of the highest prizes offered was a whopping £250,000 in cash in October 2013.

Typical prizes allow entrants to win cash or win cars such as Mercedes and other high end cars.

Other cars on offer in the past have included Peugeot, Volkswagen, BMW and Mini.

On a few occasions through out the year, ITV’s This Morning program have offered the chance to win a motor home or win a camper van.

Sometimes the prize gives viewers or web entrants the chance to win a holiday. Occasionally there are chances to win a cruise for a family or 6 people.

Apart from the above mentioned prizes, This Morning competition also include a combination of cash and cars or cash and holidays. Often the prize will include a gadget haul of luxury household goods.

These combination prizes include goods such as a top range TV, iPad, smart phone and just about anything you would like to have in your home.

How to get free postal entry to ITV This Morning comps.

Entrants can enter their submissions with a free entry by using postal entry.

The This Morning TV show, will allow web entrants unlimited free postal entries per competition or prize draw.

Postal entries are also allowed on other ITV competitions such as;

You can submit your postal entries using the web entry form that is provided for each prize on offer on the corresponding posts available on this website.

It does not matter which UK ITV region you are entering from and you can submit your entries using the web entry form.

This is regardless of your location provided that you are within UK and a resident of United Kingdom.

Who Can Enter?

The minimum age requirement to enter the This Morning competition states that entrants must be aged 18 years or older on the date of the prize draw.

The promoters only allow UK residents to enter including Isle of Man and Channel Islands residents.

Employees and other people or organisations connected to the promotion are also generally excluded from entering the competitions.

You should always read the terms and conditions for any ITV competition or prize draw!

How is The Winner Picked?

All competitions submissions that have been successfully accepted by the promoter will be picked out at random from a pool of free entries or paid entries.

There is no discrimination between paid or free postal entries.

Payment to enter these competitions or prize draws is only an option and will not increase your chances of winning the prizes on offer.

Free entry into the This Morning competition on TV is generally open for free postal entry for about 10 days from the initial broadcast or announcement on the This Morning program.

So good luck with your free postal entries and remember… these prizes must be paid out by law.



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