Does Anybody Ever Win Free Entry Competitions?

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Why waste your hard earned cash on paid entries?

All free entries submitted into any ITV competition or prize draw must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as paid for entries.

Below is an extract from a reply letter received by an enquirer from the office of Ofcom;

“ITV operates an independently developed winner selector tool under licence from a third party.

This is known as Winner Selector’ and is a market leading solution used for managing many competitions across the UK.

The Winner Selector works by taking in all entries to a competition from each entry route, and assigning a unique random number to every entry.

This is done independently of the original entry method, and assures that each entry has the same chance of being selected, irrespective of the method of entry.

The random number generator component of Winner Selector has been independently verified by an auditor appointed by the licensor, and the processes that ensure all entries to a competition are included for each winner selection are regularly verified by ITV’s independent auditors.

ITV’s winner selection process is therefore robust and reliable and is applied consistently to all ITV competitions.

We can further confirm that Loose Women competition entrants who have used the free entry route have been picked as winners, as well as those who have used paid entry routes.”

See the full OFCOM details on this link;

Best practice would be to set aside an hour at one time of the week, grab a cuppa or a glass and then enter as many free entry competitions as possible. This is a no money risk, free way of winning cars, cruises, holidays and life changing cash prizes.

Check out my other free entry competitions for more chances to win big cash prizes with no entry charges.

You can visit my FAQ’s page to find more information.

Good luck and happy comping!

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