Competition FAQ’s

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This FAQs page is still being built and needs your help.

Please ask a question related to free entry competitions in the UK and I’ll try to answer them for you.

My promise to my visitors.

I promise that I will only feature contests, prize draws and competitions that;

  • are totally free to enter.
  • offer huge high value prizes.
  • have no strings attached such as having to fill out lengthy questionnaires.
  • do not require a purchase.
  • are only available to UK residents.
  • are genuine.

I research all the competitions beforehand and actually enter myself as a sort of quality control exercise.

This helps me to weed out the scam artists and marketing fiends (they do exist!).

Please help me improve this site by giving me a few questions that you feel need attention.

You can submit your question in the comment box below in and in any post.


Q: Will my free entry count ?

A: Yes, by law every entry received either free or paid must have an equal chance of being drawn as a winner.

You can see legal confirmation of this in my page named Does Anybody Ever Win Free Entry Competitions?


Q: What if submit too many times and I exceed my number of free entries?

A: If you exceed your free entries, you will get a message explaining that you have done so.

However, your previous competition entries will not be disqualified and will still have a chance to win the prize on offer.


Q: Do I have to accept marketing material in emails?

A: No and you won’t be disqualified or barred from being entered into any UK based prize draws or competitions.


Q: What if I have accepted marketing emails by accident or I am no longer interested in their products and services?

A: If you accidentally subscribe to emails from the promoters, you can un-subscribe to them in the emails they send you.

The un-subscribe link is usually found at the bottom of the email.


Q: Do I have to be a member to use this website?

A: No not at all. You can come and go as you please. No login in or membership will be required… ever!


Q: Have you won any competitions yourself?

A: Not as yet but you’ll be the first to know if I do.

By the same token, I’ve played lottery for many years and spent a small fortune to win next to nothing.

You won’t risk a penny with the competitions listed on these pages.

You should consider every free entry you submit into a competition as the equivalent of a free raffle ticket.


Q: What does Tax Free mean?

A: Cash prizes won in the UK are tax free. This means that it is not considered as an income by HMRC. However, once you deposit your winnings into a UK bank account you will be liable to pay income tax on any interest earned.

9 thoughts on “Competition FAQ’s”

  1. Hello again Susan and thanks for your enquiry. The Real Deal competition is a week long affair so there is no daily quizzes.
    There is only one week long competition and it is (or will be) announced on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th of October.
    The daily prize format should be back on Monday 14 October. Please comment if this is not helpful?
    Good luck, Martin.

  2. When you have to type the two security words before you submit your entry do you have to have a space between the two

  3. Hi Liz and thanks for submitting a great comment. I always add a space in the Captcha box when typing in the security words or numbers on the images shown. I don’t seem to have any issues when using this method with any or other competitions and prize draws that I feature on this website.
    If there is a problem then you will be invited to re-submit the security words again. If you have been successful, you should get an on-screen message stating something like ‘Thank you for your entry, and good luck!’ Please feel free to comment further if you need any other information. Kind regards, Martin

  4. Hi! When you say free but mention a stamp, do you mean put the stamp inside? Confused sorry!

  5. Love this website, very clear, easy to follow & the best of it’s type. I shall persevere with the comps through your site & well done putting it online. Thanks! Ian.

  6. Hello and thanks for the comment. The stamp is only to pay for the cost of posting the entry. There is no need to place any other stamps inside the envelope. I hope this info will help and I’ll amend the post to make it clearer for other readers.

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