Loose Women Competition – Free Entry ITV – Win £20K Cash & Fiat 500 – Ends 15/02/13

Loose Women competition with free entry at ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv.  No membership required or login needed and best of all… no purchase necessary!  From Monday 28th January 2013, Loose Women are presenting the latest of their ITV competitions. This time you could win a cash prize of £20,000 and lucky winner will be given a brand new Fiat 500 Twin Air styled by Gucci.

This week’s Loose Women competition question is;

Loose Women competition question January 28 to February 15 2013

Which of these is a popular Italian pizza?

A. Margherita

B. Melanie

C. Michelle

I suggest you submit answer A: Margherita.

These great competitions give each person 6 (six) free website entries. Why not make a resolution… never to pay for any competitions… ever again!  They are so easy to enter and I’ll find you the latest online competitions in the UK, especially for TV and they are always free to enter.

Deadline. This competition closes for free entries on the ITV website on Friday 15th February 2013 at 7:30 am.

Six (6) free online entries are available for each individual person, by clicking on the following button or entry link. Please tell your friends and workmates that this is a great place to enter competitions.

Please note! The ITV entry form is hard to find when you submit your first free entry. I can only suggest that you close the ITV webpage after your first entry submission and then return here and click on the link below to get further free entries.


 You must be ‘in ‘em to win ‘em’.

Recent Loose Women competition winners.

Monday 19th November 2012
Mrs H Drummond of Porth who won a vet handy £30,000 in cash.

You can see other Loose Women competition prize winners by clicking the following link;


This website specialises in finding simple to enter,  free competitions uk

Due later today 28/1/13. Dickinsons Real Deal comp and The Tipping Point competition £???? will be up for grabs.

Coming soon! Your chance to win £10K by  the future winner for Britain’s Got Talent competition for 2013.

Good luck and please tell all your friends.

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