Dickinsons Real Deal Competition – Free Entry – Tuesday 22 January – Win a £3190 Cash Prize – Ends 28/1/13

Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, question and answer, Tuesday 22 January 2013.  Enter here for free with ITV for Tuesday’s Real Deal TV show competition.  In the competition today, each entrant has a chance to win £3,190 in a cash prize.

Last chance for today’s Real Deal competition free website entry is on Monday 28th January 2013 at 5. pm.

 22/01/13 Tuesday’s question & answer for The Real Deal competition is; 

Dickinsons Deal Comp - Free Entry - Tuesday 22 January - Win a Cash Prize

Which is the most northerly state of the USA?

A. California

B. Florida

C. Alaska

You should use answer C: Alaska.

Enter for free with STV.tv, U.tv or ITV.com. Free entry is only possible by clicking the  following competition entry link or button below;


 Save at least  £3.09 on paid entries for each person who enters . You can get free entry for every daily Real Deal competition that is published on this site.

Latest winners for David Dickinson’s Real Deal competition.

Congratulations to Mrs J  Owens of Kettering who won £10800 in a cash prize.

With a little luck, your name may be soon added to the list. The competition promoters will contact and inform the all the lucky winners. You can also see the latest winners on this link;

http://www.itv.com/Lifestyle/RealDeal/Comp/default.html type=winner&origin_type=show&origin_oid=RealDeal#RealDeal

You’ll get another chance to win The Real Deal comp on Wednesday 23rd January 2013. 23/01/13.

Maybe tonight? 22/01/13. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Celebrity Pantomime Special.

This is a repeat show but sometimes there will be another free entry comp.  The cash prize could be worth anything up to £500,000 and a holiday is also included.

Please tell your friends, relatives and anyone who love receiving freebies. Good luck!

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