Real Deal Competition Free Entry Sunday January 20th – Win a £2200 Cash Prize – Ends 24/1/13

Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, question and answer for Sunday 16th January 2013.  Enter here for free with ITV for today’s Real Deal free quiz.  In today’s free competition, each person is allowed 3 (three) no cost entries. Each entry has a chance off winning a cash prize worth £2,200.

Did you know? You can enter as many Real Deal comps as you like. There are 6 new comps posted here every day from Monday to Friday and on Sunday. You have nothing to lose! Every free entry submitted must be given the same chance of winning as paid entries. One word comes to mind… nobrainer! (or is that two words?)

Last Chance for free entry for today’s Real Deal competition is on Thursday 24 January 2013 at 5 pm.

20/01/13 Sunday’s Real Deal question and answer is;

Dickinsons Real Deal Competition question 13th Jan 2013

What is the centre of a dartboard sometimes called?

A. The Sheep

B. The Ram

C. The Bull

I suggest that you submit answer C: The Bull.

All UK residents are permitted 3 free entries with the ITV competition entry link with, or, no matter where in UK you live, by simply clicking on the following button or ITV website entry link;

Please note! The Real Deal ITV competition webpage is slow to load on occasions. Please show a little patience and you’ll save £3.09 on paid entries.

Recent Winners for Dickinson’s Real Deal prizes.

11th January 2013 – Mrs J Owens of Kettering who has won £10,800 in cash.

7th January 2013 –  Mr S Miller of Essex who won £3,085 in cash and will probably spend it on fake tan!!!

You never know, your name may appear on the list soon! The competition organisers will always notify the lucky winner.  However, you can check out the latest winners on this link;

Please tell your relatives, friends and colleagues.

There will be another free Dickinson’s Real Deal prize available here on Monday 21st January 2013.

Due soon! Who Wants To Be a Millionaire – Celebrity Special –  22 January  2013 – Get 3 no-cost chances to win a massive cash prize and a super holiday.

Best of luck and please tell your friend, neighbours and anybody who loves free stuff. ( I don’t know anybody who doesn’t!)

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