Dickinsons Real Deal Competition – Free Entry – Friday 18th January – Win a £7150 Cash Prize – Ends 24/1/13

David Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, question and answer. Enter here for free with ITV for Friday’s Real Deal free entry competition.  In today’s show, you have 3 (three) entries per person, to win a cash prize worth £7,150.

Deadline for free entry for today’s Real Deal competition is on Thursday 24th January 2013 at 5 pm.

 Real Deal  question 18th Jan 2013.

18/01/13 Friday’s question & answer Dickinson’s Real Deal is;

The popular phrase meaning ,the whole thing’ is ‘lock, stock and…’ what?

A. Barrel

B. Tub

C. Vessel

I suggest that you submit answer A: Barrel.

All entrants are allowed up to 3 free entries with the ITV competition entry link for either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv, no matter where in UK you live in by simply clicking on the following button or ITV website entry link;


Please note! The Real Deal ITV competition webpage can be slow to load at peak times. Please be patient and you will save £3.09 on paid entries.

Tip. The quickest way to get all three of you free entries is;

  • Submit your first entry with the ITV page. You will then get a confirmation that your entry has been accepted. The ITV entry link then becomes hard to find.
  • I suggest that you should then close the ITV web page.
  • Return to this page and click on the above entry link  again, this will take you to the all important ITV fee web entry page.
  • Don’t place spaces when entering your phone number into the ITV website entry submission form. This is the number the competition organisers will call you on if you are chosen as the lucky winner!
  • Ignore the fact that the ITV entry form is filled with red text as you enter your details.
  • You can use this same procedure on most ITV or other competitions that offer multiple submissions.
  • Practice makes perfection and you’ll save at least £3.09 for each daily Real Deal comp… that’s roughly about £80 in free entries for this competition this January alone!  If somebody gave you £80 of free raffle or lottery tickets, what would you do?

Recent Winners for Dickinson’s Real Deal prizes.

Friday 11th January. Congratulations to Mrs J Owens of Kettering who won £10,800.

You never know, your name may appear on the list soon!

Latest winners can be found on this link;


Please tell your relatives, friends and workmates.

There will be another free Dickinson’s Real Deal cash prize available here on Sunday January 20th 2013.

Due soon.

  • Take Me Out Competition on ITV, free entry Saturday 19th January, win a  holiday to Dubai & £15,000 in cash.
  • The Tipping Point on ITV, free entry to Win £15,000 cash on Monday 21st January.

Best of luck and please tell your friends, it helps me to keep this wonderful service running!

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