Dickinson’s Real Deal – Wed 5th Dec – Free Entry Competition – Win a cash prize of £ 2600 – Ends 11/12/12

Dickinson Real Deal on ITV for Wednesday 5th December 2012.   Enter here for today’s competition for free to win a cash prize worth £2,600.  You’ll never have have to spend money by entering these competitions.  We will never request any payments from you… whatsoever!

Deadline for your free web entries to today’s competition is Tuesday 11th December 2012 at 5p.m.  Each person is given (3) three web entries at no cost to you.

5/12/12 Wednesday’s Real Deal competition question is;

Dickinsons Real Deal Competition question 5th December 2012

The names Bournville and Cadbury are particularly associated with which of these?

A.  Caviar

B.  Coffee

C.  Chocolate

Today’s Real Deal answer is C:  Chocolate.

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Latest Real Deal Competition Winners.

Sun 25 November 2012
Congratulations to Ms B Simpkin of Stockport who won a cash prize of £1800.


There will be another Real Deal free entry comp posted here tomorrow, Thursday 6th December 2012.

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Expired -Thurs 29 Nov 2012 – Free Entry Competition – ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal – Win £5K Cash Prize – Ends 5/12/12

Enter here for free with ITV.com. David Dickinson’s Real Deal free entry competition Thursday 29th November 2012. No membership required, just pure info supplied to you!  Thursday’s question, answer and entry link.   More free entry chances, this time you could win a cash prize worth £5,000.

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Last chance for free entries for today’s Dickinson’s Real Deal is Wednesday 5th December 2012 at 17:00

29/11/12 Thursday’s question & answer for Dickinson’s Real Deal is;

Dickinsons Real Deal Answer 29th November 2012

A chiropodist treats which part of the body?

A. Ears

B. Feet

C. Teeth

We suggest you submit answer B: Feet.

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Latest Winners for Real Deal.

Wednesday 7 November 2012
Congratulations to Mr M Hyde of Leicester who has won  a cash prize worth £3,200.

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