The Cube Competition – Win £31007 – Ends 13/3/14

The Cube Competition ITV

Also shown  on STV & UTV

The Cube competition on ITV now gives TV viewers and website visitors 5 (five) free web entries for the show aired on Saturday 1 & 8 March 2014

This week’s Cube viewers competition is offering a cash prize worth £31,007.

Free on-line entries will be available from Saturday 1st and 8th March 2014.

Free web entry closes on 13th March 2014.

This competition is now closed!

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The Cube competition on, & allows 5 (five) separate free website entries for each person, so please tell your friends!

You are allowed 5 (five) free website entries per person.

Cube competition ITV, STV or UTV free entry Saturday 1 March 2014.

Tip! Click the pink button 5 times and you will open 3 website entry forms!

The Cube competition ITV question for Saturday 1 and 8 March 2014 is;

How many tiles or tabs are removed?

A. 9

B. 12

C. 13

The Cube competition answer you should submit is A: 9.

Just enter the letter only into the ITV website entry page. STV & UTV viewers can use the same entry form.

The Cube competition question ITV Saturday 1st March 2014
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Last chance for this week’s Cube free website competition entries is on 13th March 2014 at 5 pm.

This competition is now closed!

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The Cube Competition Winners.

The Cube Competition prize winner January 2014.

Congratulations to Miss L Dexter of Cambridgeshire who won £16,006.

You can see the latest ITV competition winners on this link;

Cube competition latest winners for 2014.

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You can’t possibly loose any money to be in with a chance to win these prizes and they must be paid out by law!

Good Luck everybody and please share this with your friends!

PS. Please don’t submit your question or answer for the competition in the comment box below. You must use the free ITV competition website link or pink button above!

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4 thoughts on “The Cube Competition – Win £31007 – Ends 13/3/14”

  1. Why will it not let me enter this free competition I keep try in for the cube but won’t fetch up the question apart from last weeks is this a con say in it free and really it not

  2. Hi Julie and thanks for your comment. Is the problem with this website or the website page that it links to? Please provide some clearer details and I’ll see if I can help. If anybody else is having the same issue please leave a comment. Kind regards, Martin

  3. think this is a bit of a con like Julie I have had problems trying to enter the competition eventually after clicking on several links it came up as Competition Closed funny how it never said that on the tv screen

  4. Hello. It seems that this competition is now closed so maybe some of you are on the wrong competition post? I’ve amended the wording and added some links to the new Cube competition. There is no con, the Cube comp now runs over a 2 week period before a new competition is published, hence “Its the same question for 1 March and 8 March”. Another confusing aspect is that this prize of £31,007 ending on 13/03/14 is very similar to the new prize of £31,001 ending on 27/03/14. I’m sorry if a few of you were a little frustrated. I’ll try to ensure this confusion does not arise in the future. Many thanks to all of you who have commented on this issue. Martin

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