Deal or No Deal Competition – Win £1000 & Nissan Qashqai – Ends 9/1/13

Deal or No Deal Competition

30 December 2013


9 January 2014

Deal or No Deal competition with Noel Edmonds on Channel 4 TV is open for free entry from Monday 30/12/13.

Free web entry is available to 09/01/14.

This week’s cash prize is worth £1000.

The winner will also receive a brand new Nissan Qashqai Visia car

Channel 4 viewers or website visitors are allowed six (6) free web entries.

You can submit your free entries here for the current Deal or No Deal competition.

Enter for free here by clicking the pink button or link below.

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Deal or No Deal competition. Monday 30 December 2013. Win a Nissan
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In this week’s Deal or No Deal competition, broadcast on Channel 4 TV, viewers or website visitors are allowed 6 (six) free  website entries using the links below.

Contestants try to outwit the anonymous banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize of up to £250,000. With Noel Edmonds. Sourced from

This week’s Prize.

Deal or No Deal competition quiz prize is worth £1,000 in tax free cash.

The winner will also receive a Nissan Qashqai Visia.

Deal or No Deal question is;

If someone has received unfair treatment, they are often said to have got what sort of deal?

A. Cooked Deal

B. Raw Deal

C. Ripe Deal

Deal or No Deal competition answer is B: Raw Deal.

You only need to type in the letter such as A,  B or C in the entry form.

There is no need to add the actual answer word or words!


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The last chance to claim free website entry for this week’s Deal or No Deal competition will be at 10 am on Thursday 9th January 2014.

Grab your 6 (six) free web entries by clicking on the pink button or the links above.


You and your friends can save at least £9 each on premium telephone or sms text entries.

Deal or No Deal competition free entries are available on this website every week if and when the show offers a prize for viewers.  

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Deal or No Deal Competition Winners.

There are no winners for this competition as yet.

Full details will be published here when they are made public.

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How many competitions can I enter?

You (and your friends) can enter as many different competitions as you wish.

However, you can only submit the maximum amount of free entries (typically 3 or 6 times) that is prescribed for the competition you are entering.

If you exceed your free entries, you will be politely notified on screen but your previous submissions will not be disqualified from the draw.

All winners are picked at random and the winner is chosen from the same pool of paid and free entry submissions.

It makes no difference if you paid for your entry by phone or text or if you submitted your entry for free at the website!

You do not have to risk any money to win these prizes and they must be paid out by law!

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