Loose Women Competition – Win £12000 Cash & £6000 M&S Voucher – Ends 01/11/13

Loose Women Competition

ITV.com – STV.tv or U.tv – 21st October to 1st November 2013.

This week’s Loose Women competition is offering a cash prize of £12000 plus a shopping voucher worth £6000 to spend at Marks & Spencer.

This TV show is broadcast every weekday on  ITV, STV or UTV.

The Loose Women TV competition offers a  weekly or fortnightly cash and prizedraw with free entry for viewers and website visitors.

My website is dedicated to bring you the best free to enter UK competitions that are very simple to enter and have no strings attached.

20 minutes spent on this website per week could land you a life changing prize without risking a penny!

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Loose Women competition, Land Rover and £10000 - 2013
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Each free entry takes less than one minute to complete!

Last week’s loose Women is still open for free entries!

The Prize.

This week’s Loose Women competition cash prize is a cheque for £12,000 cash plus a M&S voucher worth £6,000. Sourced from ITV.com

This week’s Loose Women competition question is;

Dale Winton hosted a long-running ITV show called ‘Supermarket..’.what?

A. Broom

B. Brush

C. Sweep

Loose Women comp answer for this week’s quiz is C: Sweep.

You simply enter your details and then keep your fingers crossed (preferably in that order!)


Your last chance for free ITV, STV or UTV website entries for this week’s Loose Women comp is Friday 1st November 2013 at 7:30 am.

Free Entries.

This competition allows TV viewers and web visitors 6 (six) free separate on-line web entries per person.


Each person can save around £9 by using free website entries.

Normal premium phone rate cost per entry is £1.54 plus standard network cost.


You can see the full terms and conditions for this prize draw on this link.

Other Loose Women Competitions

There will be another chance to win a  £12000 cash prize plus a trip to Paris for 4 on next week’s Loose Women show starting Monday 4th October 2013.

Loose Women Competition Prize Winners.

TV quiz show broadcast from 30 September to 4 October 2013.

Congratulations to Mrs B Flowers of Warwickshire who won £15555 in tax free cash.

See the latest Loose Women competition winners on this link.

This free prize draw is available with either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv.

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  • From Monday 28th October, there will be a new prize of £30,000 cash plus a 4 person holiday to Mexico for 7 nights.

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  • £30K cash & £8K Supermarket voucher. Free entry ends on 31 October 2013.
  • From Monday 28 October, the new daybreak prize will be a huge luxury gadget haul with free entry allowed until 15 November 2013.

Daybreak also known as the Lorraine show is broadcast early mornings 6:00 am to 9:30 am weekdays on ITV, STV or UTV.

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  • £20000 each plus a holiday to Australia for 4.
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The The Tipping Point Competition.

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This show may also be offering a new weekly cash prize on Monday 28  October 2013.

Good luck everybody and please tell your friends!

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2 thoughts on “Loose Women Competition – Win £12000 Cash & £6000 M&S Voucher – Ends 01/11/13”

  1. Hi am karen and i live in barnsley dont think i have ever hurd anyone win in barnsley . This is my first go so you never no hahaha
    Thank you karen Jeffers

  2. Hello Karen and thanks for your comment. I know that a few people from Barnsley have won these competitions in the past;

    Monday 24th September 2012.This Morning Main Competition
    Congratulations to Mr G Denton from Barnsley who has won £10,000 and a BMW 116i Sport Car.

    Congratulations to Mr P Brady of Barnsley who has won £8,000 on The Chase competition aired between 6th – 11th May 2013.


    The secret is in actually entering these comps on a regular basis.
    You have to be in em to win em and at least you will not risk any of your precious money.
    As they say in Yorkshire “Tha’s got now’t to lose!”
    So keep at it Karen and send me a postcard when you win.
    Best of Luck, Martin (Sheffield).

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