Daybreak ITV Competition – Win £20000 Cash & New Motorhome – Ends 4/7/13

Daybreak competition. Free prize draw entry is available here for Daybreak or Lorraine show from Monday 17th June to Thursday 4th July 2013. Get your free web entries here with either, or using the web links below.  This weeks free Daybreak competition, also known as Lorraine competition, allows 6 (six) free entries. Each free entry has the same chance to win £20,000 in cash and a brand new motor-home as any paid for entry!

The Prize.

Win a cash prize of £20,000 (£20K) and a brand new Swift Bolero 684FB  4 berth Fiat based motor-home.


The last chance to get website entries into this  competition will be on Thursday 4th July 2013 at 12.00 p.m.

Daybreak competition question.

There is no question or answer required to enter this week’s This Morning prize draw.


Free entry to win £20000 and a brand new Motor-home
Click on image to enter competition for free with ITV, STV or UTV.

Free Entry.

All entrants are allowed up to 6 (six) free online entries. All free entries accepted into the competition by the promoters must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as paid for entries. All winners are chosen at random.

Free TV competitions. entry link.


Each entry takes around one minute to submit and using the free entry links will save you at least £9.24 so please tell your friends.

Daybreak Competition Winners.

Broadcast between 27th – 31st May 2013.

Congratulations to Mrs A Smith of Cambridgeshire who won a holiday to Jamaica plus £10,000 in cash.

You can see other Daybreak competition winners on this winners link.

Other Free Entry TV Competitions.

ITV’s Tour De France prize draw is offering the chance to win a brand new Specialized Venge road bike worth around £3,200.

There will be another chance to win with Daybreak and Lorraine Prize draws and competitions on Monday 15th  July 2013 – Mon 15/07/13. 6 free entries for each person to win a £30,000 cash prize!

Rumour has it that there will be a new free entry prize draw with ITV’s Big Star Little Star competition later this year. Full details will be published here including free entry links to, or Big Star Little Star is a new TV show in UK but it has be hugely popular in the Philippines and other countries.

Good luck everybody!

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