The Chase Competition – Free Entry ITV – STV or UTV £7000 – Ends 31/5/13

The Chase competition question. Get your free entry here for this week’s Chase quiz. It’s open for free on-line entries from Monday 20th May to Friday 31st May 2013. You and your friends can enter here without risking any money.  The cash prize for this week’s Chase competition is worth £7,000.  You only need to fill out your details by clicking on the pink button or the website entry link below.

This week’s Chase competition question is;

The comic character Snoopy is what animal?

A. Dog

B. Panda

C. Bird

This week’s Chase answer is A: Dog.


Closing time for free website competition entries with The Chase quiz prize is Friday 31st May 2013 at 10 am.

Chase Free Entry ITV, STV or UTV
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All entrants are allowed 3 (three) free competition entries by clicking the following pink button or link.

Please note. The ITV website pages is quite slow to load  at busy periods. Please be patient. Free entry here usually involves less time than entering the competition using premium rate phone service to submit your entries… and it’s always free!  Each person can save at least £3.09. You can submit all free entries within 3 minutes!

Free on-line entry to ITV competitions 2013

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Recent Chase competition prize winners.

Congratulations to Mr Paul Brady of Barnsley who has won £8,000 on the show aired between 6th – 11th May 2013.

The next avaialable free entry competition for The Chase on ITV, STV or UTV will be on Monday 3 June 2013 – 03/06/13.

You’ll find the latest Chase competition prize winners on this link.

Good luck everybody!


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