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Lorraine competition, Monday 29/4/13, also known as The Daybreak competition, is actually the same ITV free entry competition.  You can enter here for free with either ITV, STV or UTV.  This weeks free Lorraine competition allows for 6 (six) free entries, each with the chance to win £20,000 in cash and a holiday to the Maldives for 4 people for 7 nights. Free ITV on-line entry is available here from Monday 29th April to Friday 10th May 2013.

All entrants are allowed up to 6 (six) free website entries. All free entries accepted into the competition by the promoters must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as paid for entries. All winners of the Lorraine competition are chosen at random.

Lorraine competition, question & answer is;

Solar energy originates from what?

A. The sea

B. The rain

C. The sun

Lorraine competition answer for this week’s prize draw is C: The sun.

Lorraine competition, free entry ITV ends 10th May 2013
Click on image to enter Lorraine competition or Daybreak competition. Opens in new tab or window.

Deadline. The last chance to claim your  6 free online entries into this weeks Lorraine competition will be on Friday 10th May 2013 at 12.00 p.m.  Each ITV free entry submission takes about 1 minute to complete!  This means each person will save at least £9.24 for about 6 minutes of tapping keys.. and that’s just for this competition!

Please note! The ITV competition entry page can be slow to load during  busy periods.  If you are having problems submitting your free entries, it will  be better to visit later or see if there are other competitions on this website that you can enter for free.

Free online entry Lorraine competition with ITV.com, STV.tv & U.tvhttp://www.itv.com/daybreak/competitions/newtvcompetitions/?oid=291&type=campaign&origin_type=show&origin_oid=Daybreak

Lorraine competition. Winner 8th – 12th April 2013

Congratulations to Mrs Caroline McAree-doyle of Arlesey who has won £34,000 in cash.

You can see other Daybreak competition winners on this winners link.

Available from Monday 29th April 2013, This Morning competition online entry, will give you free entries to win £33,000 and you’ll also win ownership of a caravan holiday home. Six free entries per person are available until Monday 13th May 2013.

The latest Loose Women competition free on-line entry will be available from Monday 29th April and is valid for 3 free entries. This week’s prize is a cheque for £10000 in cash and a holiday to Saint Tropez.

Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition offers a daily quiz with 3 (three) website entries for free.  Each entry has a chance to win a four figure cash prize.  It’s free every weekday and Sundays!

Due on Sunday 19th May 2013 – 19/5/13, STV.tv The Catchphrase competition, 6 free entries are allowed with website submissions.

This weeks prize is for £15000 in cash and a 7-night holiday to Antigua, also available with ITV.com and U.tv

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