The Chase Competition – Free Entry ITV, STV or UTV – £7000 – Ends 2/5/13 The Chase competition. Get your free entry here from Monday 22nd April  to Thursday May 2nd 2013.  You and your friends can enter here for free.  The cash prize for this week’s Chase competition is worth £7,000.  You only need to fill out your details by clicking on the pink button or the website entry link below.

This week’s The Chase competition question is;

What is a group of geese traditionally called?

A. Gaggle

B. Giggle

C. Goggle

The Chase competition answer is A: Gaggle.

All entrants are allowed 3 (three) free competition entries by clicking the following pink button or link.

If you have already used up your free entries, you could enter on behalf of somebody in your household provided they are over the age of 18, a UK resident and have their own unique mobile or land-line number. You must have their permission and acknowledge that if won,  the prize will be warded to the name entered on the web page entry form, especially in the case of cash prizes.  ITV cash prize cheques are only made payable to the name submitted on entering the competition.

Please note. The ITV website pages can be slow to load at busy periods. Please be patient. Free entry here usually involves less time than entering the competition using premium rate phone service to submit your entries… and it’s always free!  Each person can save at least £3.09.

Chase answer for website entry ITV. Valid to 2/5/13
Click on image to enter competition for free with ITV, STV or UTV. Opens in a new tab or window.

Deadline to claim your free website competition entries for this week’s The Chase competition, will be on Thursday 2nd May 2013 at 10 am.

Available from 22/04/13.

Available Now!
  • Britain’s Got Talent competition.  £20,000 in cash is up for grabs and a brand new Mini One car. Valid to 2nd may 2013.
  • The Cube competition is offering a cash prize of £16012 and is valid for 3 three free entries until 2nd May 2013
  • Rumour has it there will be a new series of Secret Dealers in June 2013.  There was a free entry competition with this game show last time it was broadcast on ITV. A new series of Mr and Mrs 2013 is in production and it will be sure to offer a huge cash prize and a holiday competition, with free entries of course!  I’ll keep you posted with the latest info.

There may be a another chance to win a cash prize for free with The Chase competition with from 06/05/13 – Monday 6th May 2013.

All the latest free website competitions with ITV, STV and UTV will be published here!

The Chase competition winner for the show broadcast between 8th – 13th April 2013.

Congratulations to Mr George Watson from Essex who has won a cash prize of £8,000.

You can find the latest Chase competition for 2013 on this link!

It is always best practice to read the terms and conditions of any competition or prize draw you wish to enter, even if it is promoted on a can of baked beans at the supermarket! I do my best to find really simple to enter competitions and prize draws that are without any strings attached.

You don’t even have to accept the promoters marketing materials to get free entries!  If you do receive marketing emails from any organisation, you can un-subscribe. You will not be penalized for not accepting emails from competition organisers and your competition entry must be treated the same as an other entry, paid for or not!

Good luck everybody and please share this website with your friends, workmates and relatives. Any UK resident over 18 years old with a unique phone number can get between 3 to 6 free entries per competition!


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