Dickinson Real Deal Competition – Friday’s Question £5380 – Ends 23/5/13

UTV, STV & ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal competitions.   Question & answer for Friday 17th May 2013 – 17/05/13. Free entries can be submitted here with either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv for Friday’s Real Deal ITV competition.

In today’s free competition, each entrant (and their friends, relative and colleagues) are allowed 3 (three) no cost, risk-free entries on the ITV websites (see links below).

Any free entry submission that has been accepted by the promoters must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as paid for entries. Promoters of these competitions cannot discriminate against non paying entrants. Today’s ITV Real Deal competition cash prize is worth £5,380.

Friday’s Real Deal question is; 

What is each segment of a garlic bulb called?

A. Nutmeg

B. Mace

C. Clove

Friday’s Real deal quiz answer is C: Clove.

The real deal competition question Fri May 17th 2013
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Dickinson’s Real Deal Winners. 

Wednesday 8th May

Congratulations to Mr Kenneth Davies from Swansea who has won £3,550

You will always find the latest Real Deal competition winners on this link;

http://www.itv.com/Lifestyle/RealDeal/Comp/default.html type=winner&origin_type=show&origin_oid=RealDeal#RealDeal

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