Daybreak – Lorraine Competition – Win Up To £40K – Free Web Entry – Ends 13/6/13.

Daybreak competition.

Free web are available with either ITV, STV or UTV using the links below.  This weeks free Daybreak competition permits 6 (six) free entries, each entry has the chance to win £10,000 in cash and up to £30,000 paid off your rent or mortgage.

This week it’s your chance to win your mortgage or rent paid for two years plus an amazing cash prize! All you need to do is watch this week’s show and fill in the form on the ITV, STV or UTV websites.

There is one prize consisting of a cheque, which will be the value of the winner’s mortgage or actual rent on their main UK residence for a period of two years up to the maximum value of £30,000 (thirty thousand pounds) (“the mortgage/rent payment”) plus the sum of £10,000 (ten thousand pounds). The winner’s most recent monthly mortgage/rent payment will be multiplied by 24 to calculate the two-year figure.

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Free entry is available here from Monday 3rd  Thursday 13th June 2013.


The last chance to get website entries into this  competition will be on Thursday 13th June 2013 at 12.00 p.m.

Daybreak competition question.

The Sahara in North Africa is a world-famous what?

A. Lake

B. Rain forest

C. Desert

Suggested Daybreak Answer.

This week’s Daybreak suggested competition answer is C: Desert.

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Free Entry.

All entrants are allowed up to 6 (six) free website entries. All free entries accepted into the competition by the promoters must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as paid for entries. All winners are chosen at random.

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Daybreak Competition Winners.

Broadcast between 6th – 10th May 2013.

Congratulations to Miss S Lee from Glasgow who won a £10,000 cash prize.

You can see other Daybreak competition winners on this winners link.

All New ITV, STV and UTV TV Competitions in June and July 2013. Question, answer and free website entry links will be provided on this website for all the latest free to enter television competitions.

Due soon.

  • Lets’s Do Lunch competition. The show returns on July 1st 2013. The prize is yet to be announced but I predict it will be substantial due to last years ITV shows offering £30,000 and £50,000. The show allows for 6 free entries into the competition. Hosts are Gino and Mel aka Gino D’Campo and Melanie Sykes.
  • Daybreak and Lorraine Prize Draw Competition – Monday 17th June – 4th July 2013. 6 free web entries per person to win a cash prize of £20,000 (£20K) and a brand new A Swift Bolero 684FB  4 berth Fiat based motor home.
  • This Morning Competition, Tuesday 28th May 2013 – 28/05/13. Six free online entries to win £5,000 in cash (£5k) and the winner will also take delivery of a brand new Nissan Qashqai Tekna.
  • Loose Women Competition, Tuesday 28/05/13. Six Free, or web entries are available here to win a cash prize of £15555.
  • The Chase Competition Tuesday 28th May 2013 (28/5/13). This weeks prize is predicted to be worth £10,000 or £9,000. Free entry is alsways available from this site for the latest Chase competitions on, and
  • Britain’s Got Talent from Sunday 26th May 2013. Competition Prize Number 4 is allowing six free online entries to win a cash prize of £50,000 (£50K) cash prize and the chance to win US holiday breaks to New York & Los Angeles. The winner will also receive a London hotel break. There will also be given theatre tickets to see  Spiderman on Broadway, The War Horse in Los Angeles plus  Billy Elliot The Musical in London.

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