Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition – Sunday’s Question – 03/03/13 – Win a £2400 Cash Prize – Ends 07/03/13

Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, question and answer, Sunday 3rd March 2013.  Enter here for free with ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv for Sunday’s Real Deal TV competition.  In today’s competition, each individual is allowed 3 (three) free entries. Each unique entry submission must be given the same chance as paid entries, to win the cash prize worth £2,400.

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Real Deal free competition question, Sunday 3rd march 2013

03/03/13 Sunday’s Real Deal question & suggested answer is; 

The reflective studs in the middle of many roads are known as what?

A. Cats eyes

B. Dogs teeth

C. Pigs ears

You should submit answer A: Cats eyes.

Deadline for free online entry for today’s show is Thursday 7th March 2013 at 5 pm.

Claim your 3 (three) individual free entries by clicking on the following pink button or this ITV website link.


Please note! The website for ITV entries has been slow to laod lately. Please be patient and you will get your free entries.

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Dickinson’s Real Deal Winners.

Friday 15th February 2013
Congratulations to Ms E Hutchinson who won a very handy £5,110 in cash.

One day or another, you could be on this winners list.  The Real Deal competition organisers are legally obliged to contact the lucky winners, so make sure that when someone calls you with this good news, don’t assume it’s a scam and put the phone down… it does happen!   You can always check the latest Real Deal winners on this link;

http://www.itv.com/Lifestyle/RealDeal/Comp/default.html type=winner&origin_type=show&origin_oid=RealDeal#RealDeal

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Please call back soon and tell your friends. You’ll never loose a penny on this no gambling – no risk website! There will be another chance to win a cash prize with Dickinson Real Deal comp on Sunday 10th March 2013. The usually daily shows are returning for another season on Monday 11th March 2013. This will give you a daily free chance to win a four figure cash prize.

Good luck everybody and please leave any comments below. I really need some (nice) suggestions on how I can make this website better for my visitors.

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