The Chase Competition – Free Entry ITV – Win a £10000 Cash Prize – Ends 07/02/13

The Chase competition, W/C Monday 28th January 2013.  You and your friends can enter here for free. This weeks prize is worth £10,000  in cash.  All you need to do to get free competition entries is, fill out your details by clicking on the competition website link below.

Last chance for your free competition entries is on Thursday 7th February 2013 at 10 am.

Question & answer for this week’s The Chase competition with ITV is;

The Chase ITV question and answer 28/1/13

Which breed of dog is commonly associated with the Queen?

A. Corgi

B. Poodle

C. Dachshund

You should submit answer A: Corgi.

You, your relatives, neighbours and colleagues are legally permitted 3 (three) free website entries by clicking the following button or link;

Please note. The ITV website pages is quite slow to load  at busy times. Please be patient. Free entry here involves less timer than entering the competition using premium rate phone service to submit your  entries… and it’s always free! Each person can save £3.09.

There will be a another chance to win a nice cash prize with “The Chase” free competition with ITV on Monday 4th February 2013. Full details will be posted here.

Good luck and please share this website with your friends.


5 thoughts on “The Chase Competition – Free Entry ITV – Win a £10000 Cash Prize – Ends 07/02/13”

  1. Two points. i)Does it make any difference whether you enter just the letter or the word itself? ii)Isn’t it misleading to say that each person is allowed 3 (or 6) free entries when it’s actually 3 per telephone number? So someone with a landline and a mobile (or two) could enter 6 or 9 times.

  2. Man! I would love to win at last for me and my family and this would really help me get through our difficult times now.daughter is struggling through uni, son is in college and me!! Im out of work as of friday-1st of feb 2013 and very much in debt.

  3. As a single parent I try my best to survive and get by peps say” you dont look your age “but beleive you me it is hard.I dont show it I just keep on going and I have faith and energy and joy and hope that one day I will have it through faith.dont get me wrong I cry on my pillow but I walk with my head held high.people look down on me and I keep going.negative peps inspire me just as well as positive peps inspire me I tell my kids this as well and I know thats what keeps them going.I inspire them thats who and what I am.and I know I will make it in life.I buried my grand daughter 2011 and she inspires me and keeps me going in life.stay truly blessed to yourself dont let no one or nothing tell you ANY different.Xxxxxxx

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