Dickinsons Real Deal Competition – Free Entry – Win a Cash Prize – Ends 8/1/13

Due at 3:50 pm today, Wednesday 2nd January 2013.  Dickinson Real Deal competition, question and answer. Enter here for free with ITV for Monday’s Real Deal prize.  In today’s competition you have 3 no-cost chances to win a cash prize of £2,200.

Eligible entrants are given 3 (three) competition entries for free but only if you enter via the ITV website below.  Any free entry that has been submitted into this competition must be given same chance of winning the prize featured as any paid for entries such as text or premium phone call entry.

Deadline for free web entries for today’s Dickinson s Real Deal comp is Tuesday 8th January 2013 at 5 pm.

Dickinsons Real Deal Competition question 2nd January 2013

02/01/13 – Wednesday’s question & answer for Dickinson’s Real Deal competition is;

In which of these sports do you use a racket?

A. Tennis

B. Hockey

C. Golf

We suggest you submit answer A: Tennis.

Eligible entrants can use the ITV competition entry link with either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv, regardless of which country of UK you reside in, by clicking on the following button or website entry link;


Please note! The Dickinsons Real Deal ITV comp web entry page can be slow to load occasionally. Be patient and save your hard earned cash. Don’t place spaces when entering your phone number into the ITV website entry submission form. This is the number the competition organisers will call you on if you are chosen as the lucky winner!  

Be a smarty, use all your free entries and then tell your relatives  friends and workmates and those who are without a job. There are new ITV and other competitions being added to this website almost everyday. All are free to enter!  Consider these entries as free raffle or lottery tickets.

Recent Winners for Dickinson’s Real Deal prizes.

On 19th Nov 2012, Mrs D Hartley of Haverhill won £4800 in cash.

On 10th December 2012,  Mr W Stead fof Lancashire who also won £22,000 in cash.

Fingers crossed, your name will be on the list soon. Although the competition organisers will notify the lucky winners, you can always check out the latest winners on this link;


I want to thank my returning visitors and I’ll always welcome newcomers. Please tell your relatives, friends and workmates. There will be another free Dickinson’s Real Deal comp available here on Thursday January 3rd 2013.

Due later today, 2nd January 2013. The Chase competition, free entry to win a cash prize usually worth between £6,000 to £10,000.

Wish you all a Very Happy, Prosperous and Lucky New Year!

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