Wednesday 19 December 2012 – ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition – Free Entry – Win a £4800 Cash Prize – Ends 27/12/12

Enter here for free with David Dickinson’s Real Deal  competition, free entry for Wed 19th December 2012. Wednesday Real Deal competition question, answer and ITV website entry link.   In today’s Real Deal competition you can win a cash prize worth £4,800.

Any eligible entrant is allowed 3 (three) competition submissions for free if you enter online. All free entries must be given the same chance as winning the prizes on offer as paid entries such as text or telephone… and that’s the law… so there!

Deadline for free web entries for today’s Dickinson s Real Deal is on Thursday 27th December 2012 at 5 pm.

19/12/12 Wednesday’s question & answer for Dickinson’s Real Deal comp is;

Dickinsons RealDeal Competition question and answer Wednesday 19 December 2012

What type of animal are the fictional characters, Paddington, Rupert and Winnie the Pooh?

A. Lion

B. Monkey

C. Bear

We suggest you submit answer C: Bear.

All entrants can take advantage and are legally allowed 3 (three), submissions for free for each and every daily Real Deal competition. You can use this competition entry link with either, or by clicking the following button or web entry link;

Please note! The Dickinsons Real Deal web entry page at can be slow to load up occasionally. Let patience be a virtue… keep your money in your pocket!  Do not include spaces when submitting your telephone number into the entry form. That’s the number the competition organisers will call you on if you are the winner!

Big cash prizes, cars and cruises are up for grabs with ITV free entry competitions. I’ll also be including other free prize draws over the Christmas period, in my other website pages.

Recent Winners for Dickinson’s Real Deal comp.

Sun 9th Dec 2012
Congratulations to Miss T Rees of Wales who won a cash prize of 1,800 smackeroonies or should I say £1800 quid.

You can see more winners of The Real Deal Competition (fingers crossed!) on this link;

We really appreciate and need your support to keep this website going. Please tell your relatives, friends and workmates. There will be another free Dickinson’s Real Deal competition available here tomorrow, Thursday 20th December 2012 20/12/12.

Due later today!

If you have not already entered, there’s £9,000 in cash to be paid out soon with the The Chase competition. It’s free to enter so what are you waiting for? Good luck, be smart and take advantage of free entry competitions.

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