Expired – 6th Dec 2012 – Daybreak & Lorraine ITV – Win a £ 65K Cash Prize – Free entry competition – Ends 6/12/12

Enter here for a free with ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv. From Monday 19th Nov to Tues 6th December 2012, Daybreak & Lorraine on ITV is offering you and each of your friends, 6 free competition entries, for a chance to win a cash prize of £65,000.

Each free entry would normally cost at least £1.54 each.  That’s a saving worth £9.24 on this competition alone!

Later this morning, we’ll be featuring the latest competition from This Morning on ITV.  Each entrant can make another big saving with another 6 free entries. This time, it’s a chance to win a prize worth £30,000 comprising of £20K in cash and £10K in vouchers to spend online at www.johnlewis.com.

Please Note. All free entries to this and any of our other featured competitions, must be given the same chance of  winning the prizes on offer as any paid for entries. It’s the law!

We are giving one lucky winner the chance to win £65,000 cash! Can you imagine getting your hands on all that money? Well now you can! 

This week’s Daybreak and Lorraine competition question is;

Complete the famous line from the Star Wars films: May the force be…” what?

A. Be with you

B. Leave without you

C. Not get you

We suggest you submit answer A: Be with you.

Last chance for free online entry is Thursday 6th December 2012 at 12pm.

Each person is allowed  6 free competition entries by clicking the following button or ITV.com link;


When you use up all your entries for this free entry competition, please tell your friends & workmates.

Call back later today, 26/11/12, for more ITV free to enter prize draw competitions for This Morning, Loose Women and Dickinson’s Real Deal and The Chase.

Latest ITV Daybreak and Lorraine competition winners.

Monday 22nd October Competition.
Congratulations to Mrs J Watts of Newport Pagnell who won £31,000 in a cash prize.

More competition winners can be found on this link;


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Each entry would generally cost you, at the very least, £1.03 if you were to enter by text or by telephone. Entries are totally free if you enter on line with ITV.com, STV.tv or UTV.tv  That is the equivalent of at least £60 in free entries available every week here! 

Updated Monday 26 November 2012. Good luck!

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