Thurs 8 Nov 2012 – Free Entry Competition – ITV Dickinson’s Real Deal – Win £4800 cash – Ends 14/11/12

Enter here for free with Dickinson’s Real Deal free entry competition Thursday 8th November 2012. No membership required, just pure info supplied to you!  Thursday’s question, answer and entry link.   More free entry chances, this time you could win a cash prize of £4,800.

Each entrant is given 3 (three) competition entries for free but only if you enter online (see link below).

Last chance for free entries for today’s Dickinson’s Real Deal is Wednesday 14th November 2012 at 17:00

07/11/12  Thursday’s question & answer for Dickinson’s Real Deal is;

Which of these dogs is a breed of terrier?

A. Staffordshire Bull

B. Grate Dane

C. Saint Bernard

We suggest you submit answer A: Staffordshire Bull.

Get your 3 (three), no cost entries for each each entrant at by using the following button or link;

Free entries submitted to this comp must be given the same chance of winning as paid entries!

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Latest Winners for Real Deal.

Sunday 21st October 2012.
Congratulations to Mrs. S McDermott of the Isle of white who has won £2700 in a cash prize.

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Keep posted. There will be a whopping prize of offer on Sunday 11th November 2012 We’ll be announcing the new free entry competition with I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here on ITV. We’ll give you the questions and answers and entry link for, or

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