ITV Wednesday 3/10/12 – Dickinson’s Real Deal Free Competition – Win £ 4400 – Ends 9/10/12

Enter online here for free. Wednesday 3rd September 2012. Dickinson s Real Deal show on ITV.  Today’s competition will give you the chance to win £4,400 in a cash prize.  We will never request membership from to use this website. We never share your details because we don’t collect any!

Deadline for free web entries for this competition is Tuesday 9th October 2012 at 5pm.  Each entrant is allowed three (3) cost free web entries! 

Today’s question and possible answer to this competition is;

What sort of  race is the famous ‘Tour de France’ forst held in 1903?

A. Walking

B. Swimming

C. Cycling

We suggest you submit answer  C – Cycling.

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Recent Winners.

Congratulations to L. McDonnell of Hartlepool who won £5750 on Fri 21st Sept 2012

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Good luck! It may be you this time?

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