Monday 1st Oct 2012 – Dickinson’s Real Deal – Free Entry Competition – £ 3000 – Valid to 5/10/12

Enter here for free. Dickinsons’ Real Deal competition on ITV.  It’s a free entry prize draw.   Answer today’s question correctly to win  £3,000  in a tax free cash prize.

Each entrant  can get three (3} web entries online at no cost. Deadline for free entries to this competition is Friday 5th October 2012 at 5pm.

Today’s Real Deal competition question for today is;

A common phrase that can mean both parties are to blame is ‘it takes two to …’ what?

A. Tango

B. Samba

C. Waltz

We suggest that you use answer A -Tango.

Each person is allowed 3 (three) entries to this comp at no cost at by clicking the following button or link;

Past winners. Thurs 20 Sept 2012

Congratulations!  Mr A Mackie of Lancashire has won £5110

You can always see recent winners of Dickinsons Real Deal TV comp on this link;

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There is a new Dickinson’s Real Deal competition offered each day between Monday and Friday on ITV 


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