Wednesday 26/9/12 – Dickinson’s Real Deal Free Competition – Win £ 4070 – Ends 02/10/12

Enter online here for free. Tuesday 25th September 2012. Dickinsons Real Deal show on TV.  Today’s competition question will give you the chance  to win £4,070 in cash.  No membership or  purchases are required.

Deadline for free online entry via the web link to this competition is 5pm on Tuesday 2nd October 2012. Each entrant is entitled to 3, free of cost web entries! 

Today’s competition Q & A is;

Which animal is sometimes known as the ‘ship of the desert’?

A. Camel

B. Monkey

C. Penguin

We suggest you submit answer A – Camel.

Get 3 (three) online web free entries for each entrant with by clicking the following button or link;

Recent Wins.

Mondays comp on 17  September 2012. Congratulations to Mr N Smith of Kent who won £2500!

To see recent winners of Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition, click on this link;