Monday 24/9/12 – Dickinson’s Real Deal Free Competition – Win £ 1900 – Ends 28/9/12 Enter online here for free. Monday 24th September 2012. Dickinson’s Real Deal show ITV competition.  Question and answer  to win a cash prize of £ 1,900. We will  never ask you for membership and no purchase is necessary… ever!

 The latest time for free web entries to this competition is Friday 28th September 2012 at 5pm. Each person is allowed 3 individual online web entries.

This competitions’s question and answer is;

Shakespeare wrote a play called the ‘Taming of the …’ what?

A. Shrew

B. Weasel

C. Fox

We suggest you submit answer A – Shrew.

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Latest Winners.

Yippeeee! Mrs C De Kock from Sussex has won £5,000 in cash.

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