Mon 24/9/12 – Free Competition Entry Lorraine & Daybreak – Win £30k cash & £10k off Mortgage or Rent – Ends 4/10/12 Monday 24th Sept to 4th Oct 2012. Get free entries here!  Lorraine, Daybreak competition on ITV  is offering you and your friends,  the chance to win £10,000 off your mortgage or rent plus £30,000 in tax free cash.   This competition offers 6 (six) separate free web entries per unique entrant.

The award is made by cheque payment, which will be the value of the winner’s home loan or mortgage on their primary UK property for a time period of one year up to the highest possible value of £10,000 (ten thousand pounds) (“the mortgage/rent payment”) plus the sum of £30,000 (thirty thousand pounds). 

The question & answer for Daybreak  & Lorraine ITV show comp is;

Which of these famous board games involves buying property?

A. Monopoly

B. Cluedo

C. Scrabble

We think that you should use answer A – Monopoly.

Competition deadline for free entries online on Thursday October 4th  2012 at  12pm (Noon).

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