30 July to 9 Aug 2012 Daybreak & Lorraine ITV Free Entry Competition – £60000 – Ends 9 Aug 2012

From Monday 23/7/12 to 9/8/12, Daybreak and Lorraine on ITV are giving you and your family the chance win a £60,000 tax free cash prize. Most of our other featured ITV competitions allow for up to 6 free separate online web entries per person.

“This is your opportunity to join our ‘Winners Club’ with an incredible £60,000 on offer.”

The question for this competition is;

The Rolling Stones had a hit single with ‘Jumpin’ Jack’…’who?

A. Flash

B. Squash

C. Crush

We suggest that you use answer A – Flash.

You can enter for online for free until Thursday 9th August 2012 at 12pm.

Get your 6 free individual online web entries by clicking the following button or link;


You have to be ‘in ‘em to win ‘em’.

A prizes of £10,000 cash and a up to £30,000 of your mortgage or rent are up for grabs. All of our featured ITV competitions are totally free to enter, you have nothing to lose!

To see winners of previous Daybreak and Lorraine on ITV competitions, click the following link;



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