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Can eating really help you to lose weight? is a new approach to eating snack food.  They are giving away free samples that are also delivered free to your door. There is no obligation to buy anything and no hidden costs.

This is not the sort of item we usually offer but we think it’s a great way to snack whilst you are busy with our competitions. Grazing to loose weight and feel better might just be your cup of tea! (lousy pun intended!)

Grazing can be a great way to help you lose weight by stabilising blood sugar and making you more efficient at burning fat.

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Taking control of blood sugar levels and providing the body with energy as it needs it is the basis of the very successful GI and GL diets. Put simply, any sugar in the blood stream that’s not used for energy is stored as fat. So if you can stop blood sugar levels rising too high then the body will not store sugar as fat.

Food is turned into glucose (blood sugar) so the body can use it as energy. Some foods, like nuts and seeds, release their energy slowly while some (like chips) release it quickly. When foods are converted into glucose quickly, the body reacts by releasing loads of insulin. Insulin is the catalyst that converts sugar into fat and stops the body from burning it.

So if you can maintain stable blood sugar and stable insulin levels you can give yourself the best opportunity to lose weight.

Why snack grazing can make a great diet:

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  • Our natural (unprocessed) foods release their energy slowly — blood sugar levels remain stable for longer periods
  • It keeps your metabolism working hard using sugar rather than storing energy as fat
  • Regular eating helps to ensure long periods of stable energy and insulin levels, preventing hunger and the need for indulgent eating
  • You don’t crave sweet comfort foods while blood sugar levels are stable
  • Graze makes it easy to stick to by delivering your daily graze (no excuses)

Eating a good breakfast, grazing during the day and eating a healthy dinner is the basis of a great diet. Why not try grazing everyday for a week and see how much better you feel? You also get some really good advice to keep you on the right track.

Get your free sample here!