Win £35,000 Cash with ITV Tipping Point Prize

ITV Tipping Point Prize £35000. This competition prize draw is broadcast on ITV 1, STV 1 and on UTV hosted by Ben Shepard. This week’s Tipping Point prize will be open from Monday 15th May 2023.

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ITV Tipping Point Prize £35000 Entry Details

Tipping Point Prize Postal Entry

To participate by post, send your answer along with your name and telephone number on a postcard or within an envelope to TPT 2213, PO Box 7558, Derby, DE1 0NQ.

If multiple entries are received in a single envelope or postcard, only one entry will be eligible for this prize draw. Please ensure that sufficient postage is paid, as entry submissions without adequate postage will not be considered. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Prize £35000].

Tipping Point Competition £35000

Terms and conditions

Tipping Point Competition Telephone Entry Number

To participate in this competition, call 09068 78 54 33 using the Premium Rate Telephone Service (PRTS) and follow the instructions given during the call. Each phone number is allowed up to nineteen (19) paid entries.

If you enter twice using the same phone number, you will receive a third entry into the competition without any further charge. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Prize £35000].

SMS Text Number Entry

To enter, send an SMS text message with the word WINNER to 65433. Each phone number is allowed up to fifteen (15) paid entries. If you send a second SMS text entry using the same mobile number before the closing date and time, you will get a third entry at no extra cost. Each SMS text meesage entry costs £2.00 plus any standard network rate message charge. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Prize £35,000].

Online Entry Details

To submit your entry online, visit and follow the on-screen instructions provided. Each phone number is allowed a up to nineteen (19) paid entries. The cost for a single online entry is £2.00. Please note that the website may occasionally offer paid and free entry bundles, as stated on the website itself. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Prize £35000].

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Who can enter?

The Tipping Point prize draw competition is only open to residents of the UK, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, who are 18 years or older. Employees of the promoter, their immediate families, and anyone professionally connected with the competition are not eligible for entry. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Prize £35,000].

ITV Tipping Point Prize £35,000 Entry Deadlines

ITV Tipping Point Prize £35000 Postal Entry. This competition closes for postal entries at 16:00 p.m. on Thursday 1st June 2023.

The deadline for premium rate telephone entry, by SMS text message or by using a website entry is at 10:00 a.m. on Monday 29th May 202.

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Good luck everybody and please tell your friends.

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