Win £18,000 with ITV Tipping Point Competition

Updated on 11th November 2019. ITV Tipping Point Competition £18,000 cash prize is broadcast on ITV, STV and on UTV. This week’s Tipping Point competition will be open for postal entry until Monday 21st November 2019. Online entry will close at 10:00 a.m. on Monday 18th November 2019.

All competitions and prize draws featured on this website must be paid out by law.

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There is no free website entry currently on offer for this week’s Tipping Point competition. However, using a postal entry for the cost of 61p using a 2nd class Royal Mail postage stamp or a 70p 1st class stamp plus the cost of a blank envelope or postcard.

So it’s a much cheaper option than paying around £1.50 per premium telephone rate or SMS text number entry method.

Tipping Point Competition £18,000 Entry Details

This competition is closed.

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Postal Entry

To enter by post, send your answer plus your name and telephone number on a postcard or on or within an envelope to TP 1913, PO Box 7558, Derby, DE1 0NQ. Entries received on anything other than a postcard or envelope will not be accepted.

In the case of multiple entries received in an envelope or postcard, only one entry will be entered into the Prize Draw. Sufficient postage must be paid – any entries without sufficient postage will be discounted. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Competition £18,000].

Unlimited postal entries per person are allowed!

Premium Rate Telephone Entry Number

PRTS Phone – call 09041 61 30 30 and follow the instructions given on the PRTS phone line to answer the Competition entry question; up to nineteen (19) paid entries per phone number.

Entrants who enter twice from the same phone number will receive a third entry into the Competition without charge (based on the same details as submitted in the second call).

For each subsequent call from the same phone number, the entrant will receive an additional entry without charge (based on the same details as submitted in their call). Each call costs £1.50 plus your network access charge.

SMS Text Number Entry

SMS text – send an SMS text with or without the keyword WIN or WINNER to 63339; up to fifteen (15) paid entries per phone number. Please note, entrants who send a second SMS text entry using the same mobile number by the closing date and time will receive a third entry into the Prize Draw without charge (based on the same details as submitted in their previous paid entry).

Also, for each subsequent entry from the same mobile number, the entrant will receive an additional entry without charge (based on the same details as submitted in their previous paid entry).

In addition, each chargeable SMS text entry costs £1.50 plus one standard network rate message.

However, SMS entries without the keyword or where the keyword is misspelt will still be counted and charged (where applicable). If you do not want to receive SMS marketing texts about similar products and services, please add NO INFO at the end of your text entry. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Competition £18,000].

Online Entry Details

Visit and follow the instructions; a maximum of nineteen (19) paid entries for the online payment route per phone number provided. A single online entry costs £1.50. Paid and free entry bundles may be offered from time to time as stated on the website. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Competition £18,000].


ITV Tipping Point Competition £18,000


Terms and conditions

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Who can enter?

This competition open to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents aged 18 years or over only, excluding employees of the Promoter, their immediate families, and anyone else professionally connected with the competition. [Source: ITV Tipping Point Competition £18,000].

ITV Tipping Point £18,000 Competition Entry Deadlines

This competition closes for postal entries at 16.00 p.m. on Thursday 21st November 2019.  In contrast, the deadline for premium rate telephone entry, by SMS text message or by using a website entry is at 10.00 a.m. on Monday 18th November 2019.


Use postal entry and save around £1.00 for each entry submission by avoiding paid for premium phone or text number entries. Additionally, there will be another chance to win with Tipping Point competition on Monday 1 to Friday 5 April 2019.

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Did you know?

All free entries and postal entries are treated the same as paid entries. All prize entrants names are placed into a pool and a winner is always chosen at random.

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Good luck everybody and please tell your friends.

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  1. Morning Martyn, great to find two more free draw info’s on my laptop, I must surely be in for a win of some sort this year, you will be the first to know when it happens, today I am posting Dickinson’s Real Deal, and Tipping point, great starters, thank you, all the best, June.

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