The Sunday Brunch Competition – Win £10000 – Free Entry Channel 4 – Ends 30/12/13.

Sunday Brunch Competition

Channel 4

 22 to 30 December 2013

The Sunday Brunch Competition on Channel 4.

This is a free to enter competition with up to 6 free entries allowed for each entrant.

Broadcast from Sunday 22 December 2013.

Free website entry will close on 30 December 2013.

A new competition or prize draw with free or paid entry is generally offered every week.

The Sunday Brunch prize for this week consists of £10,000 in a cash prize.

All of the TV competitions featured on my website are totally free to enter.

20 minutes a week entering these comps could transform your wealth… and you can’t lose a penny.

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 This week’s Sunday Brunch question.

If you are said to be ‘cheesed off’, which of these are you likely to be?

A. Delighted

B. Annoyed

C. Happy

I suggest you use answer B: Annoyed


Click on pink button to enter this prize draw for free.

All entrants are allowed 6 free website entries!

Daybreak competition. free entry link.

Tip! Click on the pink button 6 times to open 6 free entry forms in new windows or tabs.


Sunday Brunch competition closing date.

Your last chance to grab your free entry for this competition is Monday 30 December 2013 at 10:00 am.

Who can get free entry?

Competitions are only open to UK residents-including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man (‘UK’) SAVE that the SMS route of entry will not be available to residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Entrants must be aged 18 years or over. Channel 4 reserves the right to disallow entries if they have reasonable grounds to suspect they have been made from outside the UK.  Sourced from Channel 4

Full terms and conditions can be seen on this link.

Free Entries.

All eligible UK entrants are allowed up to 6 (six) free entries.

All free entries accepted into this competition by the promoter must be given the same chance of winning the prizes on offer as that given to paid for entries.

All Channel 4 competition winners are chosen at random.


Each entry takes around one minute to submit and using the free web entry links instead of premium rate telephone entry will save you as much as £9.00 so please tell your friends!

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