Loose Women Competition – Win £15555 cash – Ends 11/10/13.

Loose Women Competition – 23 September to 4 October 2013.

This week’s Loose Women competition is giving away £15,555 in cash.

This TV show is broadcast every weekday on either ITV, STV or UTV.

Free entry is available here from Monday 30 September 2013 to Friday 11 October 2013 at 07.30 a.m.

Loose Women competition offers a regular weekly or fortnightly cash and prize draw give away.

This website specializes in finding free to enter competitions that are easy and simple to enter and actually win prizes.

20 minutes spent on this website per week could seriously boost your wealth.

So grab a cuppa, set your timer …

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How many competitions do you think you can enter during the TV ads?

Click the pink button or link below to enter for free.

Scroll down to see question and answer… and other 3 entry ITV competitions!

Loose Women competition, 2013
Hint! Click this link 6 times and 6 ITV.com web entry forms will open in new tabs or windows.


Each free entry takes less than one minute to complete!

Other Loose Women competitions is still open for free entries on this link! 

The Prize.

This week’s Loose Women competition cash prize is a cheque for £15,555 made payable in the name of the entrant only.  Sourced from ITV.com

This week’s Loose Women competition question is;

Which male star had a 1968 hit with the song ‘Congratulation’?

A. Cliff Richard

B. Des O’Conner

C. Harry Styles

I recommend that you submit answer A: Cliff Richard.

You only have to enter the letter and not the whole answer!



Your last chance for free ITV, STV or UTV website entries for this week’s Loose Women comp is Friday 11th October 2013 at 7:30 am.

Free Entries.

This prize draw allows for 6 (six) free separate on-line web entries per person to win prizes by clicking the image above or by clicking the following pink button or the ITV entry links. 

Click the pink button or link below to enter for free.

Free entry at the ITV, STV or UTV websites for Loose Women competition, 2013


Each free entry takes less than one minute to complete!


Each person can save around £9 by using free website entries. Normal premium phone rate cost per entry is £1.54 plus standard network cost.


You can see the full terms and conditions for this prize draw on this link.

Other loose Women Competitions

There will be another chance to win prizes on next week’s show starting from Monday 7th October 2013.

TV quiz show broadcast from 17th – 28th June 2013.

Congratulations to A Watson of  Warwickshire who won £30,000.

You’ll find the latest Loose Women competition winners on this link.

This free prize draw is available with either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv.

Other ITV free entry competitions.

This Morning Competitions.

The latest competition is offering a tax free cash prize worth a whopping £250,000 in cash.

Free entries (6) are valid to 17 October 2013.

Daybreak Competitions.

There will be a new Daybreak TV competition available from this website with a cash prize worth £30,000 plus a 5 minute dash for cash supermarket trolley run.

Free web entry opens on Monday 30 September and is valid to 10 October 2013 .

Daybreak also known as the Lorraine show is broadcast early mornings 6:00 am to 9:30 am weekdays on ITV, STV or UTV.

X Factor competitions 2013. 

There are  2 prizes offering £20000 each plus a brand new Mercedes car or a trip with tickets to see One Direction in Sydney, Australia.

All competitions with ITV.com must be paid out.

There is no discrimination against free entries.

Free entry is given the same chance of winning the prizes available as that given to paid for entry.

New competitions coming up on ITV.com

The Chase competition.

This show could be offering a cash prize from Monday 30 September 2013.

This comp generally allows for 6 free web entries and the weekly cash prize is usually worth around £10,000 cash.

Good luck everybody and please tell your friends!

PS. You can’t submit your entries in the comment box below!

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