Money Saving Expert Daybreak £25,000 Italy e 12/09

You can get free entries to all competitions and prize draws on this website.

The shows with free entry competitions include X Factor, Secret Dealers, Dickinson’s Real Deal, The Chase, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, This Morning, Daybreak, Tipping Point and many, many more.

You’ll find the latest ITV comps on my home page;

Generally, these shows allow web entrants between 3 or 6 free entries for each UK resident who is aged 18 years or older.

20 minutes a week entering competitions on this website could change your life forever…  and without risking a penny of your hard earned cash!

All of the prizes on offer must be paid out by law. There is no discrimination between paid entries and free web entries.

Free entry will be given the same chance of winning the prizes offered as that given to a paid entry.

You can enter as many competitions and prize draws as you like and the prizes on offer are truly life changing cash amounts, unless you are already a millionaire!

Apart from big cash prizes there are often holidays, cruises and cars thrown in for good measure.

There are many re-occurring competitions that allow you to make regular free entries into these comps time and time again – week after week.

There will always be free to enter comps and prizes available on this website. I take care to seek the best quality prizes that are promoted with UK companies that reach the following criteria;

Free to enter.

Simple to enter.

A decent cash prize or high ticket item on offer.

No marketing emails unless you are interested.

No surveys or long winded complications.

No follow up emails that can trap you into reading endless marketing and advertising material in order to be entered into a draw.

Time for a lucky break!

The best time to enter is up to you. During the ad breaks on TV is often suggested. I have heard of people using the time between exercises at the gym to do a few before moving on to the next set.

Many of my website visitors drop in on Sunday’s so that they can check their lottery tickets using the online checker I have provided and than grab a few freebies.

The more competitions you enter the more chance you have of winning!

I suggest that you pick a time of the week to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee or glass of whatever. You should then enter as many competitions as possible.

20 minutes a week could change your life and you won’t lose any of your hard earned cash!  In essence you have nothing to lose.

When you’ve finished your 20 minute task, you can then pat your self on the back, preferably without cup or glass in hand, and thank yourself for doing a worthwhile chore.

The more competitions you enter the more chance you have of winning!

You could get the kids involved too but you should be aware that many of the ads that appear on this site may be gambling related.

I always tell kids that only mugs gamble and smart people get lucky!  Also be aware that kids under 18 may not be able to enter these competitions.

You could suggest that they enter on behalf of a consenting adult such as yourself and make arrangements to share the winnings in some way such as splitting the proceeds from the sale of the Mercedes that you have just bagged.

Or you could promise to take them with you on any holidays or cruises that are won.

Will these competitions ever come to an end?

I doubt it because many companies and organisations will use free competitions and prizes as a way to promote their goods and services.

You can find the latest ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky TV competitions here, if and when they are currently on offer.

I also throw in a few extra comps that I think are worth the effort.

You’ll get a steady stream of daily and weekly competitions and prize draws from my home page.

You can enter the competitions with, or and it does not matter which TV region you are watching from.

Most of the competitions on the regional ITV networks seem to share the same website page at that enable you to submit the web entries.

In effect you can become a money saving expert by pledging to save your money.

Why spend too much on lottery or instant win scratch cards when you can use this website instead?

You’ll find more info on the best way to enter for free for big prizes on the website using the link below;

You’ll also find reasons as to why companies offer these promotions. below are typical search words and phrases used to find competitions but you’ll find the best on this site!

Money Saving Expert Daybreak £25,000 Italy e 12/09.

money saving expert win £54,321 with this morning e 20/09

This Morning competition 8/9/13.

So keep comping and sooner or later your name will be picked out as the lucky winner.

Good luck everybody and please send me a postcard if you win!

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