13th May 2013 – Monday’s Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition – £2480 – Ends 17/5/13

Mondays’ Dickinson’s Real Deal competition.  Latest question and answer for Monday 13th May 2013.   You can enter online for free here with ITV, STV or UTV for Monday’s Dickinson’s Real Deal competition.  In today’s Real Deal show, filmed in Colne, each person is allowed up to 3 (three) free website entries (see links below).

Any free entry submission that has been accepted by the promoter must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as paid for entries. Promoters of these competitions cannot discriminate against non paying entrants. Today’s Real Deal cash prize is worth £2,480.

13/5/13 Monday’s Real Deal competition question is;

According to the phrase, ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s…’ what?

A. Cover

B. Index

C. Page numbers

Mondays’ Real Deal answer is A: Cover.

Dickinson Real deal comp question for Monday 13th May 2013


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Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition Winner – Wednesday 1st May.

Congratulations to Mrs D Bebbington of Chester who has won a tax free cash prize worth £4,000.

 You can always check the latest Dickinson’s Real Deal winners from this link;

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There will be another chance to win a cash prize with Dickinson Real Deal comp on Tuesday 14th May 2013.

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Due from Monday 13th May 2013 – 13/5/13:

The Chase competition. This weekly prize is usually worth either £7000, £8000, £9000 or £10,000 cash and it must be won every week!

James Nesbitt’s Ireland competition is offering prize number 2 for this series. Again it’s a cash prize of £2,000 and a 7 night holiday break to Westmeath in Ireland.  Free entries are available here from 8:30 pm on Monday 22nd April 2013 (22/4/13).

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