19th Nov to 7th Dec 2012 – Loose Women ITV – Win a £30,000 Cash Prize – Free Competition Entry – Ends 7/12/12

Monday 19th November 2012. Free ITV competition entry.  No membership or purchase required. Enter here with ITV.com, STV.TV or U.TV. This weeks’s Loose Women competition is allowing you and your friends 6 (six) free chances each to win a £30,000 tax free cash prize.

There is no question or  answer needed for this week’s Loose Women competition. You simple enter your detail via the link below.

Deadline for free web entries on Friday 7th December 2012 at 7:30am.

All entrants are allowed 6 free online web entries by using the following ITV.com button or link;


Latest Loose Women ITV competition winners.

Congratulations to Mrs J Hollyhoke of Warwickshire who won designer handbags and £12,000 in a cash prize.

You can find more Loose Women ITV competition winners on the following link;


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Good luck and please tell your friends.

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