Tuesday’s Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition – 16 July 2013 – £4060 – Ends 22/7/13

17/07/13 – Tuesday’s Dickinson’s Real Deal prize for 16th July 2013.  ITV, STV or UTV viewers are allowed 3 free on-line web entries. You can enter here for free with either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv for today’s Real Deal quiz prize.  In today’s competition, aired from Burton on Trent, entrants are permitted up to 3 (three) free competition web entries using the links below.

David Dickinson and the team are in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, where Alison Chapman casts an expert eye over some old Pirelli calendars and Tim Hogarth is presented with one of his favourite types of items. Sourced from tvguide.co.uk

Today’s Prize.

Dickinson’s Real Deal prize for Tuesday 16/07/13 is worth £4,060 in a tax free cash prize.

The American sitcom “Cheers” was mainly set in what sort of establishment?

A. Bar

B. School

C. Gym

Tuesday’s Real Deal quiz answer is A: Bar.

Please note! There have been some minor changes to the ITV.com web entry form. You now have to submit the answer in a box. You only need to type in the letter such as A,  B or C. You do not need to add the actual answer word or words!

This is an example of the Dickinson’s Real Deal competition entry form at ITV.com. You can click on the image to see the real Real Deal competition entry form at ITV.com
Tuesday's Real Deal competition question and free entry with ITV, STV or UTV. 16 July 2013
Click on image to enter competition for free with ITV, STV or UTV.


This competition open to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents aged 18 years or over only, excluding employees of the Promoter, their immediate families, and anyone else professionally connected with the competition. Info sourced from ITV.com


Last chance to claim free website entry for today’s Dickinson Real Deal competition will be at 5 pm on Monday 22 July 2013. 

Claim your 3 (three) separate free web entries by clicking on the following pink button or the links below.

ITV free competition link ITV, STV or UTV


Each competition submission entry only takes about 1 minute to complete!


You and your friends will save at least £3.09 each on paid entries. You can get free entries on this website everyday and occasionally on Sunday’s with ITV’s Dickinson’s Real Deal competitions.  Plus you’ll find free entry to all the latest ITV, STV and UTV web competitions. Sourced by me… Martin.

There will be another free chance to win cash with Dickinson’s Real Deals competitions from Owestry on Wednesday 17 July 2013. (17/07/13)

You can find other Real Deal comps with free entries that are still available on this link.

Dickinson’s Real Deals Prize Winners.

Prize for TV broadcast on Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Congratulations to Mr A Blundell from Worcestershire who won £5,100.

The latest Dickinson’s Deal competition winners can be seen on this link;

http://www.itv.com/Lifestyle/RealDeal/Comp/default.html type=winner&origin_type=show&origin_oid=RealDeal#RealDeal

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This Morning Competition – Win Prizes – £40000 10 Night Holiday to Italy & Mini Car – Ends 6/9/13

This week’s This morning competition is a free entry prize draw. This means there is no question or answer required to submit your free entries. Free competition web entry is available here for ITV’s This Morning show from Monday 15th July to Friday 6th September  2013. Get your free web entries here with either ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv using the web entry links below.

This weeks free This Morning prize draw, allows for 6 (six) free web entries. Each free entry has the same chance to a win a brand new Mini Cooper,  £40,000 in cash prize plus a 10 night break to Italy for 4.  This prize is worth around £75,000 in value!  All winners are chosen at random regardless of whether your entry was paid for or was submitted free through the website entry.

This Week’s Prize.

There is one prize consisting of:
a) Cash

A cheque for £40,000 (forty thousand pounds) made payable in the name of the entrant only. A signature may be required upon delivery.

Prize provider: ITV Consumer Limited, The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London SE1 9LT.
b) Sorrento and Ravello Holiday

A 10-night trip to Sorrento (7 nights) and Ravello (3 nights) in Italy, for the winner and up to three (3) companions, return economy flights from a London airport to Naples airport and accommodation at the Grand Hotel President in Sorrento and Hotel Caruso in Ravello, based on four (4) people sharing two twin or double rooms.

c) Car. A Mini Cooper D Highgate Convertible in Midnight Black with leather lounge Dark Truffle including first registration fee and road tax for the first year. The car will be delivered to the winner’s home address within three months of receipt of all correct and valid documentation from the winner. Such documentation includes without limitation a valid insurance cover note to register the car and current driver’s licence. The winner is responsible for insuring the car and all other costs associated with taking up the prize. The winner may choose to register the car in another person’s name subject to receipt of correct and valid documentation for that person.

Sourced from ITV.com.


Your last chance to get free web entries into this prize draw will be on Friday 6th September 2013 at 07:30 am.

Daybreak competition question.

There is no question or answer required. You simply enter your detail and keep your fingers crossed!

Free Entry.

All entrants are allowed up to 6 (six) free web entries. All free entries accepted into this competition by the promoters must be given the same chance of winning the prize on offer as that given to paid for entries. All winners are chosen at random.

Free TV competitions. ITV.com entry link.


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This Morning Competition Winners.

Broadcast between 10th – 14th June 2013.

Congratulations to Mr T  Rogers of The Wirral who has won £25,000 & £10,000 in John Lewis & Waitrose vouchers.

You can see other Daybreak competition winners on this winners link.

Other Free Entry ITV Competitions.

This Morning competitions.

There is another This Morning show prize draw available with free entries to win prizes consisting of a 10 night holiday to Greece for 4, £50,000 in cash and a super gadget haul is up for grabs until 6th September 2013.

Daybreak and Lorraine competition.

The latest competition is valid to 12 September 2013. This week’s prize is worth £20000 in cash plus a 7 night holiday to Sorrento in Italy for 4.

There will also be a new prize available for Daybreak competition worth £35000 in cash. free entry will be available from Monday 9 September 2013.

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Secret Dealers Competition on ITV.

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X Factor Competition.

£20000 cash and a brand new Mercedes car thrown in plus the winner will also receive 4 X Factor final tickets. 6 free web entries are permitted with ITV.com and are valid to 10 October 2013. There will also be other prizes on offer further into the series. You’ll get the latest updates on this website.

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Money Saving Expert Daybreak £25,000 Italy e 12/09

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This Morning Competition – Win £70000 Cash – Free Entry ITV – STV – UTV – EXPIRED

This Morning Competition.

From Monday 1st July  2013 to Friday 19th July 2013. The latest show for This Morning competition is giving you and your friends a chance to win a £70,000 cash prize. 6 free web entries are allowed per person with ITV.com, STV.tv or U.tv ( see links below).

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This week’s This Morning competition question is;

If an idea earns money, it is commonly known as a ‘money …’?

A. Spinner

B. Twister

C. Jumper

The suggested answer for this week’s This Morning competition is A: Spinner.

Win £70,000 in cash with free entry competition on ITV, STV and UTV
Click on image to enter competition for free with ITV, STV or UTV.


The last chance to claim your free ITV.com website entries will be on Friday 19th July 2013 at 7:30 am.

Who Can Enter?

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Latest free entry comp from ITV, STV or UTV



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Daybreak competition. Win £60,000 cash with 6 free web entries. Valid to 18 July 2013.

Let’s Do Lunch with Gino and Mel competition. This is a free prize draw with no question or answer required. Due from 12:30 am on Monday 1st July 2013. Win a £30,000 cash prize with 6 free web entries for each person.

ITV Tour de France Competitions. Get 6 free entries with ITV, STV or UTV  to win a pair of Boardman bikes ,VIP winners presentation tickets, a 4 star hotel break and £1,000 spending cash.

This Morning Competitions Winners.

This Morning Prize Draw for 3rd to 7th June 2013.

Congratulations to Mr D Rees of Surrey who won a cash prize of £36,000.

You can check the recent and latest winners of This Morning competition on this link.

PS. There will be a new prize draw on offer for This Morning show available here from Monday 15 July 2013. The prize is a cheque for £40,000 in cash and a 10 night holiday for 4 to people to Italy. This holiday prize includes 7 nights in Sorrento and then 3 nights in Ravello.

There will also be a new prize draw for  daybreak with Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones also available from Monday 15/07/13. The prize will be a cash prize for £30,000. cash. Both comps allow six free web entries for each person with ITV, STV or UTV.

Good luck everybody and please share this with your friends!

This Morning Competition – Win a £52000 Cash Prize – Ends 15/3/13

This Morning Competition, enter here for free from Monday 25th February to 15th March 2013. You, your friends and colleagues can enter here with either ITV.com, STV.tv and U.tv.  This competition has a cash prize of £52,000 up for grabs.

Simply enter your details using the pink button below and your name could be picked out as the winner.  This really is a free lottery so please tell your friends and relatives. Each entry would normally cost at least £1.54 if you where to pay.  With 6 (six) free entries available, that’s a saving of £9.24 per person!  Entry is totally free through the ITV, STV and UTV websites by using the Pink button below

Deadline to claim your free web entries is Friday 15th March 2013 at 7:30 am.

This Morning ITV competition question Feb March 2013

This week’s This Morning competition question and answer is;

Which of these is a common slang word for money?

A. Dough

B. Flour

C. Yeast

Me thinks the answer is A: Dough. (or as most teenagers would say… Duh!)

Each UK resident age 18 or over (duh!) with a phone number is allowed 6 (six) free website entries.


This Morning ITV competition winners.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013.
Congratulations to Miss Y Aldersey from Carlisle, who has won a Maldives holiday, a brand new Mercedes-Benz E220 car and £25000 in cash. Also Mrs T Dawn Eaton from Highland who won £120000 cash.


Due on Monday 25th March 2013James Nesbitt’s Ireland Competition – Free entry will be available here for a prize of £2000 in cash plus a 7 night trip for the winner & 3 friends to County Monaghan in Ireland.

Please tell your relatives, friends, neighbours and workmates. All of my featured competitions are free to enter, legal and must be won by whoever’s name is chosen out at random… even if your entry was paid for or not!

Good luck everybody!