The Cube Competition ITV – STV – UTV The Cube competition on ITV allows up to 5 (five) free entries for the show aired on Saturday 29/3/14 and 5/4/14. This week’s competition is offering a cash prize worth £32,009. You can use free website entry with either, or until 10th April 2014. Londoner James hopes to […]

11/07/13 – Thursday’s Dickinson’s Real Deal competition prize for 11th July 2013.  ITV, STV or UTV viewers are allowed 3 free on-line web entries. You can enter here for free with either, or for today’s Real Deal prize.  In today’s competition, aired from Winsford, entrants are permitted to 3 (three) free competition web entries using the links below. Oldham – David […]

The Cube Celebrity Special Competition, Sunday 30th June 2013. Free ITV, STV and UTV entry is available here for this special edition of The Cube competition.  All entrants are allowed up to 3 (three) free entries for the viewers competition broadcast on Sunday 30/6/13.  This week’s Cube Celebrity competition is giving away a cash prize worth £17,401. The Cube competition […]

Thursday’s Dickinson’s Real Deal competition for 27th June 2013.  3 free on-line web entries are available from this website with either, or for today’s Real Deal prize.  In today’s competition from Walsall, each entrant is allowed 3 (three) free web entries with either ITV, STV or UTV (see links below). Highlights from the show, with David Dickinson and his team of antiques […]

The next Cube Competition will be broadcast Sunday 30th June 2013. Free ITV, STV and UTV entry is available here for all ITV, STV and UTV Cube competitions.  All entrants are allowed up to 3 (three) free entries for the viewers competition broadcast on Saturday 18/5/13 (now expired see latest comps below).  This week’s Cube competition is giving away a […]

Enter here for free on Tuesday 30/04/13.   Today’s question and answer for Tuesday’s Dickinson Real Deal competition on 30th April 2013.  You can claim your free entries here with either ITV STV or UTV for today’s Real Deal TV competition.  In today’s competition, each entrant is allowed up to 3 (three) free entries on the ITV website (see links below). Any […]

This Morning Competition – From Tuesday 28th May 2013 (28/05/13).   This week’s This Morning competition is offering a £5,000 cash prize and a brand new Nissan Quashqai Tekna car. Free entry is valid to 7th June 2013. This week’s This Morning competition question is; If you are in good spirits, you are commonly said to ‘feel like a… […]

Daybreak competition. Free web are available with either ITV, STV or UTV using the links below.  This weeks free Daybreak competition permits 6 (six) free entries, each entry has the chance to win £10,000 in cash and a 7 night family holiday break to Jamaica. This week it’s your chance to win either a Sandals or […]

Enter here for free on 22/5/13 Dickinson’s Real Deal competition question and answer for Wednesday 22nd May 2013.  Free entry is available here with ITV, STV or UTV for Wednesday’s Real Deal TV prize.  In today’s competition, each entrant is allowed 3 (three) free entries on the ITV Real Deal website (see links below). Today’s Real Deal cash prize is worth […]

Enter here for Dickinson’s Real Deal free competition, answer & question for Sunday 21st April 2013 – 21/04/13. Free entries can be submitted here with either, STV or UTV for Sunday’s Real Deal ITV competition.  In today’s competition, each entrant, their friends, relatives and colleagues, are allowed to submit 3 (three) no-risk free entries at the ITV the website (see links below). Any free entry […]

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